How to Make a Party Popper from a TP Tube

Simple party poppers made from recycled materials.
Materials List

T.P. (toilet paper) tubes

Tissue paper / other paper or fabric

Toys and trinkets


Decorations: jewels, beads, stickers, etc.

How to
Step 1

Crumple up some paper and insert it into one end of the tube, forming a plug so that your trinkets don't fall out as you make your popper.

Step 2

With the plug securely in place, fill your T.P. tube with treats!

Step 3

Carefully, so that your plug doesn't fall out one end and so your treats don't fall out the other, measure your tissue paper so that it's at least twice as long as the tube.

Step 4

Tape one end of the paper to the tube, then slowly roll the tube forward, wrapping it in the tissue.

Step 5

Once your tube is wrapped, seal it with a bit of glue stick or tape.

Step 6

Twist the tissue paper to close one end.

Step 7

With one end twisted shut, carefully remove your plug, then twist the other end shut. With tissue paper, you only need to twist. Other types of paper (or even fabric) will require that you tie them shut with ribbon or string.

Step 8

You can dress up the ends by snipping them with your scissors!

Step 9

To add some extra color and fun, you can roll some more paper onto the middle of your tube. You can use tape or glue to stick your added layer of paper onto your popper, then wrap it around.

Step 10

Be sure to tape or glue again when you're done to seal it!

Step 11

Get creative with your poppers! Experiment with different papers and fabrics, cover them with stickers or glued-on sparkles, and try different ways to tie off the ends. These poppers make a great party favor, or a little surprise perfect for slipping into your kids' lunchboxes!

Craft Length
15 - 30 minutes
Easy peasy (fun and simple)
Prep Time
5 minutes or less
1 adult per 10 children

The possibilities are endless! You can use different paper or fabric, and decorate with just about anything!

Variation Photos