How to Make a Pom-Pom Caterpillar Puppet

An adorably simple pom pom caterpillar
Materials List

5 or more pom-poms (any size or color)

Hot glue gun


How to
Step 1

Start off by laying the piece of felt on your work surface. Select the pom-poms for the caterpillar body (at least four) and place them in order on the edge of the felt. Choose a pom-pom for the head as well, but set that aside for now.

Step 2

Cut around the pom-poms to create the perfect-rectangular sized felt strip for your caterpillar puppet. The longer the pom-pom body, the longer the felt strip, and the longer and more wiggly your caterpillar will be!

Step 3

Pick up each pom-pom one by one, place a dab of glue on the felt, and then return the pom-pom to its place. Push down briefly on the pom-pom to secure it. Repeat until all pom-poms have been glued on the felt strip.

Step 4

Bend both of the flexible straws so they look like the number 7. Flip the entire caterpillar body over and make two lines of glue on the bottom of the felt, one at each end. The glue should be the same length as the bendy part of the straws. Wait five seconds before attaching the straw to the felt. If the glue is too hot it will melt the straw. Finally, stick the bendy part of each straw to the glue. (Note: the first straw should be glued as a backwards 7.)

Step 5

Add two drops of glue to the pom-pom and add eyes. Glue the remaining pom-pom on top of the first pom-pom of the caterpillar body to give it a head.

Craft Length
5 - 15 minutes
Easy peasy (fun and simple)
Prep Time
5 minutes or less
1 adult per 5 children

Check out the puppet I made at an event!

Variation Photos