You Will Need ...
  1. Pool Noodle

  2. Rubber bands

  3. Adjustable X-Acto knife (or serrated knife)

  4. Permanent marker

  5. Ballpoint pen

  6. Work surface

  7. Duct tape

  8. Ruler

  9. pipe cleaner

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Step 1: 

Using a ruler, make a mark at 9 inches on the pool noodle. Extend the X-Acto knife as far as possible and cut the pool noodle at the mark.

Step 2: 

Wrap a strip of duct tape (about 9 inches) around the top of the pool noodle piece.

Step 3: 

Poke a hole from one side of the taped end to the other using the ball point pen

Step 4: 

Feed the pipe cleaner through the hole you just made.

Step 5: 

hook the rubber band on one end of the pipe cleaner

Step 6: 

Pull the pipe cleaner through the hole until the rubber band is drawn through both holes. Remove the pipe cleaner.

Step 7: 

Holding one end of the rubber band, pull the oposite side over the entire pool noodle

Step 8: 

Pull the other side of the rubber band over the pool noodle.

Step 9: 

Cover the end of the pool noodle with another strip of duct tape.  This seals your rubber band to you pool noodle.

Step 10: 

Reach inside the hole of the pool noodle and pull the rubber band out of the hole

Step 11: 

Take a second rubber band and slip it under the first so you have two bunny ears. Attach the second rubber band to the first by making a loop on one side and pulling it through itself.

Step 12: 

Your flinger is now finished.  You can embellish in any way you like.  I placed thin strips of tape on a diagonal, turning the pool noodle as I wrapped the tape.

Step 13: 

Add strips in the opposite direction to create the diagonal.

Step 14: 

You're all done with your pool noodle flinger!