How to Make a Pool Noodle Sword

Now your young pirates can swashbuckle safely!
Materials List

Foam pool noodle

Hot glue or Tacky Glue

Plastic sword (you'll need the handle)

Marker or Sharpie

Decorative items: rhinestones, stickers, colored duct tape, etc. (optional)

How to
Step 1

Determine how long to cut your noodle; by comparing it to the toy's own blade. Keep in mind this is just a guideline -- it doesn't have to match exactly! Mark your noodle with a marker, and cut your pool noodle with your hand saw. Obviously, this step is adults-only!

Step 2

Next, cut the handle off the plastic sword. Keep in mind that you need about an inch to inch and a half of the plastic sword portion remaining on the handle. This excess part will be glued into the pool noodle to secure it. Again, adults only.

Step 3

Using hot glue or tacky glue (they both work well, but hot glue takes less time to dry), place a good amount of glue on the cut part of the sword handle. Stick the the glued sword excess into the hole of the pool noodle. Once it is in there nice and snug, let it have a few minutes to cool and solidify. If you use tacky glue, you'll need to give it even more time to dry.

Step 4

To keep the blade from falling off in the heat of battle, we also use some duct tape to secure the blade to the handle. If you can find duct tape the same color of your pool noodle or sword handle, that is spectacular! If not, don't worry. Just wrap the duct tape around the base of the noodle and handle a few times to really bind the two pieces together.

Step 5

Your sword is almost battle-ready! All that's left are a few finishing touches. You can bejewel your sword handle with rhinestones or decorate the handle with more duct tape.

Craft Length
15 - 30 minutes
Attention, please! (a few rules to follow)
Prep Time
5 - 10 minutes
1 adult per 2 children

1. The foam blade is what prevents injury during play. Do not decorate the blade with anything that could hurt someone when struck. You also shouldn't wrap it in duct tape -- the slick surface of the tape can create a sting if the toy is swung too fast.


1. For a longer, saber-like sword, you can use foam insulation tubing instead of a pool noodle.

Variation Photos