How to Make a Pumpkin Goodie Bag

A simple crepe paper pumpkin doubles as a treat bag.
Materials List

A few sheets of orange tissue paper

Ribbon ( green, black, or brown)

A handful of your favorite Halloween candies

Plastic bag or cellophane to wrap the candies


How to
Step 1

Wrap a handful of candy in a small plastic bag or cellophane and tie it tightly with a bit of ribbon. Use your scissors to trim the ribbon once it's tied.

Step 2

Lay 2-3 layers of orange tissue paper open on a flat surface and place the little baggie of candy in the center.

Step 3

Pull up the tissue paper around the tiny candy bag so it becomes enclosed in the tissue.

Step 4

Twist the excess orange tissue paper on top of the candy bag to create your pumpkin stem. Really twist tight so your tissue stem takes shape.

Step 5

Use your ribbon to make some curly pumpkin vines. I used two types of green ribbon, but you can use any festive color you desire. Make a simple double knot around the pumpkin stem. You'll want anywhere from 6-12 inches of ribbon extending from either side of the knot. Use your scissors to trim it.

Step 6

Now let's get that ribbon to curl! Open up the scissors all the way. Place a ribbon along the one blade of the scissors and secure in place with your thumb. Now firmly holding the pumpkin in place, push your thumb against the ribbon to the flat side of the scissor blade and pull. This movement is very similar to how you might peel a cucumber. (Use my photo to help, you can do it!)

Step 7

If you want to "carve" up your pumpkin, cut out some jack-o'-lantern eyes, nose, and mouth, and use some tacky glue to secure them in place.

Step 8

What a cute little goodie bag you have!

Step 9

To open the bag, recipients can either untie the ribbons and unravel the tissue paper, or rip it apart to find the yummy treats inside!

Craft Length
5 - 15 minutes
Easy peasy (fun and simple)
Prep Time
5 minutes or less
1 adult per 10 children