How to Make a Re-usable Book Cover

Get ready for back to school with book covers!
Materials List

Book to be covered

Duct tape (as many colors as you like)

Felt,  large enough to cover the book


Ruler or straight edge

Permanent marker

How to
Step 1

Open up your felt piece and lay the book in the center. Align the top of the book with the top of the felt.

Step 2

Open up your book. Use your ruler to make sure the outer edge of the front cover (while the book is open) is about 5 inches from the edge of the felt. (Move the book as necessary, keeping the top of the book aligned with the top of the felt.)

Step 3

Leaving the ruler in place and the book open, draw a straight line on the felt extending from where the ruler begins to 5 inches after where the other end of the book ends. Then cut along that line. You should end up with a piece of felt to fit the width of the book as well as having 5 additional inches on either side.

Step 4

Fold over the extra 5 inches of felt on the the front cover of the book. Rip some duct tape also about 5 inches and apply the duct tape to the folded felt edge.

Step 5

Remove the book. Now use the tape to seal the felt to itself. Cut off any extra tape.

Step 6

Repeat three more times for each of the other book corners.

Step 7

When all the corners are sealed with duct tape, your felt piece should look something like this...

Step 8

Now it's time to decorate the felt with duct tape! Flip the felt piece over, so the folded over pieces are on the bottom and the flat felt side is on the top. With your duct tape color of choice, start ripping and laying pieces over the felt cover.

Step 9

You can make any pattern you like! Don't worry about the frayed edges on the bottom. We'll fix those in a minute.

Step 10

To fix the frayed edges, flip the felt over again. Fold over all those little extras on the top and bottom.

Step 11

Lay some cleanly-cut duct tape over those frayed edges.

Step 12

Go ahead and place the book edges in their felt flaps and TA-DA! You have a wonderful re-usable and removable book cover!

Craft Length
15 - 30 minutes
Easy peasy (fun and simple)
Duct Tape
Back to School
Prep Time
5 minutes or less

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