How to Make a Sailor Knot Bracelet

Simple beautiful woven jewelry
Materials List
How to
Step 1

Lay your pieces of paracord end to end and place a piece of tape around each end.

Step 2

Be certain that your paracord is laying flat.  Loop it onto itself and create a lasso.

Step 3

Again, always make sure that your paracord is laying flat.  Lay the second piece of paracord underneath the loop of the first piece.

Step 4

Pull the piece laying underneath up slightly to form a little tunnel inside the loop of the upper piece.

Step 5

Take the end of the lower piece and take its ends over top of the loop of the upper piece and under the other end.

Step 6

Feed the closed end of the lower piece through the tunnel you created earlier.

Step 7

Again, being certain that both of your pieces of cord are laying flat, pull on the ends to create your knot.  Pull slowly and "scootch" the knot together. Pull until the knot is nice and tight and the sides are even

Step 8

To size it to your wrist, wrap the bracelet around your wrist and measure.  You will need approxumately 1.5 inches for the clasp.  Make a mark on each end of your bracelet at that point.

Step 9

Cut your paracord at the mark you just made.  Place some more tape around the ends of the cord to ensure they stay together.  Leave a small amount of cord sticking out from the tape.

Step 10

Use your lighter to melt the edges so they seal.

Step 11

Next we are going to add the clasp and toggle.

Step 12

Slide the crimp clasps over the end of the paracord and use the needlenose pliers to crimp and attach.

Step 13

Use your split O rings to attach the toggle to one side of the bracelet and the clasp to the other.