How to Make a Thankful Turkey

Show your thanks with this cute turkey, where every feather is a note of thanksgiving!
Materials List

Gourd, pumpkin or styrofoam pumpkin.


Construction paper


Our feather template (optional) - Found under the Stats tab above


Skewers, toothpicks, or pipe cleaners (about 4 inches long)



A thin nail

How to
Step 1

Select a large pom-pom to be your turkey's head. Place it on top of a glue dot. Peel the glue dot off (with the pom-pom still attached) and place it on the stem or top of your pumpkin where you would like the turkey head to be.

Step 2

Just as you did with the pom-pom, stick each of your googly eyes on to a glue dot. Peel the glue dot off (with the eye attached) and place it on the pom-pom.

Step 3

Cut out a beak and wattle from construction paper. Apply a glue dot to both items and glue them on the pumpkin.

Step 4

Now that you have a wonderful turkey head, it's time to decorate! With a Sharpie or other permanent marker you can draw feathers on your turkey's chest, sides, and back.

Step 5

To finish prepping your Thankful Turkey for your gathering, you need to make a few pilot holes in the turkey's backside. Taking your thin nail and hammer, tap the nail into the pumpkin. Make a shallow hole, then remove the nail. Repeat until you have enough holes so that each feather can fit into one!

Step 6

Using our free template, trace and cut out a series of paper feathers on your construction paper. You can either trace a feather or teardrop shape, or fold your paper in half and trace a half-teardrop shape away from the crease.

Step 7

Encourage everyone to think of something they're thankful for, and write it down on one of your construction-paper feathers.

Step 8

Take the written-on feathers and glue or tape them to a toothpick, skewer, or pipe cleaner. Make sure that about 2 inches of the skewer sticks down below the feather. If your skewers or pipe cleaners are longer than 4 inches, just cut them with scissors ahead of time.

Step 9

Insert your feathers into the holes you made with the nail ahead of time.

Step 10

The more thanks you give, the more feathers you make, the more beautiful your turkey is! Be sure to display it prominently so everyone can see what you're thankful for!

Craft Length
15 - 30 minutes
Attention, please! (a few rules to follow)
Prep Time
20 minutes or more
1 adult per 5 children

Here are a few of my examples.

Variation Photos