How to Make a Unicorn Night Light

Brighten up your night with this adorable night light made from recycled materials
Materials List

hot glue



clean cold cream jar or the like

How to
Step 1

Begin by making the unicorn hair.  Wrap your yarn around your hand approximately 35 times.

Step 2

Take a small piece of yarn and tie around the loop of yarn at one end.

Step 3

Cut the loop approximately one inch from the tie.

Step 4

It is very important that you remove the lid from the jar and create the hair, ears and horn off of the jar. Glue the turritella seashell on the lid.  This is the unicorn's horn.

Step 5

Glue the yarn hair to the lid.

Step 6

I use silk flower petals for ears.  Here I am using white but you can use any color you like or have.  If they are not already separated, you can separate them from the silk flowers using your scissors

Step 7

Pinch one end of the petal together and place a small dollop of glue.  

Step 8

Glue the ears to the front of the lid.

Step 9

Now attach the lid to the jar.  This way you can be certain to align it with the eyes which you make by removing the center from a googley eye.  Glue the eyes onto the jar.

Step 10

place your electric tea light in your jar and close the lid.