How to Make Yarn Butterflies

God's Eyes for younger crafters
Materials List

2 popsicle sticks

glue gun


pipe cleaner

Sharpie marker


How to
Step 1

Glue your two popsicle sticks together to form an X.  Be certain to allow the glue to dry for at least 10 minutes.

Step 2

Place a glue dot in the center of your X (you can also use hot glue) and attach the end of your yarn to the glue.

Step 3

Begin wrapping around the popsicle sticks in one direction - from the middle to the outside.

Step 4

Place a glue dot at the end of each popsicle stick.  Continue to wrap until you reach the glue dots.

Step 5

Once you have covered the glue dots wrap back towards the center of the sticks.  You can wrap this more loosely.

Step 6

Once you reach the center flip your butterfly around and wrap from the middle to the ends of the other sticks - this time moving in the opposite direction.  As we did on the other side, place glue dots at the end of each stick.  Cover them up and then wrap again towards the center.

Step 7

Place a glue dot in the center and wrap around a few times to secure.

Step 8

Cut your yarn, leaving about two feet extra.

Step 9

Wrap your pipe cleaner up and around the center of your butterfly.  

Step 10

Twist your pipe cleaner together.

Step 11

Next, wrap each end of the pipe cleaner around the center of the butterfly once again.  Twist them together again once you have wrapped them around.  This forms the antennae of the butterfly.

Step 12

The head bead needs to go over the string as well as the two pipe cleaners.  Place a piece of tape around the end of your yarn.  This makes it easier to thread through the bead hole.

Step 13

Thread the bead over the yarn and then over both pipe cleaners.  Draw a face using your Sharpie.  All done