Cinderella's Shoe

A great game for coed parties.
Chairs for 1/2 of the players (optional)

1. Depending upon how much space you have, you can either make a circle with your chairs, or set up all the chairs side by side on one end of the space - If you don't have chairs just have the players sit on the ground.
2. Partner players up. Have one partner (Cinderella) sit in the chair (they must have shoes).
3. Have the standing partner (the Prince) remove one shoe from their partner's foot (they should use this time to examine the shoe and commit it to memory).
4. Have all the Princes place their shoe in a large pile, either in the center of the circle or at the opposite side of the playing space (about 15 feet away, max).
5. Have the Cinderellas blindfold their Princes. The Princes should kneel in front of their Cinderella, facing the pile of shoes.

How to Play

1. On "go," each Prince must crawl on his hands and knees to the pile of shoes. (Cinderella may shout words of direction from her seat.)
2. The Prince must find what he thinks is Cinderellas shoe, crawl back to her, and place the shoe on her foot in the correct, wearable, manner (meaning if it's a sneaker it must be untied, placed on the foot, and tied).
3. If the shoe fits, Cinderella stands up. If it's the wrong shoe, the Prince must crawl back to the pile and start all over again.


You can change this to any character combination: Barbie and Ken, Romeo and Juliet, mother and child...
To make the game non-competitive, have the teams that have already found their shoes call out helpful hints to those still searching. Make it more of a group effort to see how quickly the entire group can be shoed.


1. Make sure you have someone at the shoe pile to help direct the blindfolded Princes so they don't run into one another.
2. Encourage safety - crawl, don't run... no pushing.
3. If you have a lot of kids, spread the shoes out all over the playing area.
4. Encourage the Cinderellas to help their partners.
5. For younger players tie in the story of the game so that kids feel less awkward about putting on someone's shoe.
6. Add a silly twist...make the guys the Cinderellas.

Activity Length
5 - 15 minutes
Either/or (can be played either way)

It's a great sense memory game. One must use the sense of touch and memory to fulfill the task. It's also great for teamwork, and giving directions.

Easy peasy (fun and simple)
Mess Factor
Clean and tidy
Noise Level
Number of Players
5 to 10
10 to 20
Prep Time
5 minutes or less
Team Division
Buddy up (pairs of two)