Fashion Statement

an easy, no-prep game
Extra clothes and clothing accessories

1. Select one person to be the fashionista.
2. Have everyone else seated facing the fashionista.
3. Outside of the room should be a dress up trunk, or piles of clothes, accessories, and other subtle items that the fashionista can add to his/her appearance.
4. Decide on the number of changes the fashionista is supposed to make to their appearance so the group knows how many to look for.

How to Play

1. The fashionista will stand up and allow the group to examine his/her appearance for a minute or so.
2. The fashionista will then go outside and change/alter something about their appearance. Mess up his/her hair, move the belt, add a clip or bracelet. (Changing/altering however many items were decided upon.)
3. The fashionista then walks back into the room, and the group has to name the alterations.
4. Game repeats with a new fashionista.


1. The fashionista's appearance can be altered, items added, or items taken off. Make sure those rules are clear, prior to changing the game. Some participants will get upset if they learn that a rule was present they were not aware of.
2. You can also narrow down or eliminate some of these options to make the game less challenging.

Activity Length
15 - 30 minutes
Attention, please! (a few rules to follow)
Mess Factor
Clean and tidy
Noise Level
Number of Players
5 to 10
10 to 20
Prep Time
No prep time needed!
Space Needed
Small (a clearable open space the size of a 1-car garage)
Team Division
All together now! (everyone works together)