Higgledy Piggledy

One of the best slumber party games ever invented.
1 sleeping bag (or blanket) per child

1. Have all the children set out their sleeping bags.
2. Send one child out of the room to be "it."
3. Everyone else jumps into a sleeping bag (or under a towel, blankets, etc) that is not their own.
4. All the players remain completely covered up.
5. "It" comes back into the room.
6. Turn the lights off if you like (but make sure there is enough light so that "it" doesn't step on anyone).

How to Play

1. "It" chooses a sleeping bag, kneels down, and says "Higgledy Piggledy". ("It" may gently touch the sleeping bag to feel the shape, but not poke or prod.)
2. The player in the sleeping bag will then respond "Oink, oink", either in their own or a disguised voice.
3. "It" then has three guesses to figure out who is in the sleeping bag. Each time he/she may repeat the phrase "Higgledy Piggledy", to which the sleeping bag must respond with an "Oink, oink".
4. If after 3 guesses "it" can not figure out who is in the sleeping bag then he/she must perform a trick, challenge, or task set by the other players. (For example - dancing around the room like a ballerina, singing "happy birthday" while holding their tongue, doing the Macarena really fast.)


1. If "it" guesses incorrectly, the person in the sleeping bag says "Nooooooo" in a funny voice. "It" then moves on to another sleeping bag saying "Higgledy Piggledy" each time and receiving the response "Oink, oink." Play continues until "it" is able to guess somebody correctly.


1. Although this might sound silly, it often takes children a VERY long time to get inside their sleeping bags. Because of this, the children that do slip into their bags quickly, end up getting hot while waiting for everyone else. My solution: Get everyone's legs and bodies in the bags without fully covering themselves. At the very last second have everyone flip the top part of the sleeping bags over their heads.
2. Keep "it" moving...don't let them dwell too long on each guess. Kid's in covered sleeping bags will be getting hot and restless.

Activity Length
5 - 15 minutes
Easy peasy (fun and simple)
Mess Factor
Clean and tidy
Noise Level
Number of Players
5 to 10
Prep Time
No prep time needed!
Team Division
Every man for himself (individual players)