Monkey See, Monkey Do

The funnier your lead monkey, the more hysterical the game.

1. Select one person to be "it" and send that person outside the playing space.
2. Have everyone else stand in a circle.
3. Select one person in the circle to be the "Lead Monkey."
4. The Lead Monkey's job is to make motions that the other players will follow. For example - the lead may start by touching his/her toes - all the other players will touch their toes - after say 8 counts of this, the lead will rub his/her belly - all the players rub their bellies - this continues, with the lead changing his/her movement every 8 or so counts.
5. Explain to the group that the goal is to keep the Lead Monkey a secret, so they should try not to look directly at that player if possible.

How to Play

1. With "it" still outside the room, have the "Lead Monkey" begin random movements and actions
2. All of the other players should follow suit.
3. Once the monkeys are in synch, invite "It" back and place him/her at the center of the circle.
4."It" now attempt to determine who is the Lead Monkey. Give "it" 3 or more guesses to do so.


1. If you have a movie-themed party, you can call this game "Name that Director." The Director is the person directing all the body actions with his/her own.
2. "Who's the Model?" is another name for this game. A talent agent goes outside of the room, and a the model (Lead Monkey) creates the modeling poses that others follow. Can the agent find the model?


1. If you plan to play some more active games later, "Monkey See, Monkey Do" can be used as a warm-up. Encourage the "Lead Monkey" to do stretching and jumping poses to warm up the players bodies for the games to come.
2. It's important to mix up the movement frequently. If you've chosen a Lead Monkey who is stuck doing just one motion, encourage him/her to "change the motion". You may have to use this encouragement every 15 seconds or so, until they get the hang of it.
3. Encourage physicality in the movement. The more physical, the better.

Activity Length
5 - 15 minutes
Either/or (can be played either way)
Attention, please! (a few rules to follow)
Mess Factor
Clean and tidy
Noise Level
Number of Players
5 to 10
10 to 20
Prep Time
No prep time needed!
Team Division
All together now! (everyone works together)