Team Sweep

Hockey with household materials and no ice!
Broom stick for each player (to serve as the hockey stick)
Water bottle (to serve as the puck)
Goal Lines (you can use tape, chalk, or physical items)

1. Divide the group into two equal teams.
2. Draw boundaries around the play area and designate the "goals" for each team. The goals should be located on either end of the play field.
3. Select one person on each team to be the "goalie." Their job is to protect the goal.
4. Give each team member a broom stick.
5. Place the water bottle (or puck) in the center of the play area.
6. Select an adult to be the referee...a child can do this part as well, but sometimes the arguments between teams can get intense. Whomever is the referee needs to be able to handle the intensity!

How to Play

1. The referee will begin by throwing the puck in the air.
2. Once it hits the ground, both teams will use their broomsticks to try and get possession of the puck.
3. Using their sticks, they can pass the puck to their teammates. The goal, is to get the puck inside the goal of the opposite team.
4. Players are not allowed to use their hands or feet to direct or influence the puck.
5. The team to win the most points is the winner!


1. Play this game for a specific time frame and the team with the most points wins. Or...
2. Play this game till a certain number of points are reached. First team to reach the number of points wins the game.
3. You may use other items for the puck as well. Empty can, old shoe, plastic cup, etc.
4. This is also a great game to play around Halloween or in Costumes! With broom sticks as the Hockey sticks you can play witches vs. wizards! Provide the each team with specific colored caps and it will appear that they are flying through the air!


1. Encourage the players to concentrate on teamwork and verbal communication instead of fighting and arguing with the opposing team.
2. Remind them that professional hockey players wear PADS and that is why they push each other around. Children are not wearing pads and thus should not be pushing, shoving, and hurting each other.
3. We want the game to be a fun and enjoyable experience...not a painful one.

Activity Length
30 - 60 minutes
Competitive (has winners and losers)
Attention, please! (a few rules to follow)
Mess Factor
Clean and tidy
Noise Level
Number of Players
Prep Time
No prep time needed!
Team Division
Teamwork! (divide into teams)