Yummy Yummy Truth or Dare

This version of Truth or Dare is just a bit sweeter than the original
Bags of small candies (M&M's, Starburst, Tootsie Rolls, Hershey Kisses, etc)
A quarter
Masking tape
At least 4 blank cards per child
A timer (or watch or clock with a good second hand)

1. Place a piece of tape on either side of the quarter. On one side write a T (for truth) and on the other side write D (for dare).
2. Pass out 4 cards to each player. Have each player write two Truths and two Dares, one on each card. Have the Players write Truth on the back of the Truth cards and Dare on the back of the Dare cards. (Players who have lots and lots of ideas may make up as many as they like)
3. Collect the cards and make one pile of the truth cards and one pile of the dare cards. Place the cards face down in the middle of your playing space.
4. Place the quarter and the candy next to the overturned cards. Hand out one piece of candy to everyone, to keep them from getting restless and attacking the candy bags.

How to Play

1. To begin one person comes up and announces a random number between 1 and 3. This number corresponds to the number of candies the player may earn.
2. This number also determines the number of truths or dares the player has to perform in order to receive the candies.
3. The 3 candies are laid out where everyone can see them.
4. The player now flips the quarter. If it lands on "T" the player must pull 3 Truth cards, if it lands on "D", three Dare cards.
5. Set the timer for 1 minute.
6. The player now has 1 minute to read the cards aloud and do as they say (if any cards are particularly time consuming a second minute may be added - the object here is not to get bogged down).
7. It all boils down to how badly the player wants their candy and how successful they are at completing their challenges!
8. If the player completes the challenges within the allotted time, they are awarded the candies, if not, then no candies are awarded.
9. At the end of the player's turn, place the used cards at the bottom of the corresponding piles.


1. Don't have a quarter use dice - evens are dares, odds are truths. Use a spinner from an old game - mark the spaces with a piece of tape and a "T" or a "D".
2. Play the traditional way in which each person flips the coin and picks one of corresponding card.
3. Make one player the "banker" if you like - they can be in charge of the candy.


1. Try to encourage fun, silly, and slightly embarrassing Truths and Dares. Nothing dangerous or hurtful.
2. If any Truth or Dare seems too dangerous, replace it with another card.
3. Add about 10 or 20 of your own cards to the mix ahead of time, to ensure there are enough cards to go around, and also that there is a good variety.
4. Save especially good cards, along with your quarter, in a shoe box marked truth or dare, for the next time you play.

Activity Length
15 - 30 minutes
Either/or (can be played either way)
Easy peasy (fun and simple)
Mess Factor
Clean and tidy
Noise Level
Number of Players
3 to 4
5 to 10
Prep Time
10 - 20 minutes
Team Division
Every man for himself (individual players)