A High Flying Birthday Party Planning

The Birthday Boy had a name that fit perfectly as the name of our airline so that became our standard refrain. Irina, our graphic artist, had created a winged logo for all of our items.

We used Inflatable and small tin airplanes as table decor.

As guests arrived they were greeted by me and one of my staff dressed in airline attire, which included vests and those little scarves they always used to wear.

Corkbott Paratrooper

Jump into action with your Corkbot Parachute! This little cork paratrooper uses his parachute to float down to safety from way up high! How far can your corkbott go?

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As lunch time approached, our guests under 12 were invited to board the plane and take their seats.  The plane was yet another creation by my genius team.  Steve and Freda created actual working windows each with a different little scenic view out of cardboard mounted on PVC frames.  We used our kid-sized folding chairs to make the seats and constructed “tray” tables using thin wood and PVC.  I printed labels for each seat on removable labels.  The kids actually used their boarding passes to find their seats.  Once everyone was seated we gave them their safety instructions and used a rolling cart to serve them lunch.

No one wanted to leave.  However, as they did, we slid their previously decorated luggage, which now contained their goodie bags, back down the rolling conveyor belt to be lined up in the baggage claim area.

By the time we got to the cake - an amazing creation by the award-winning team at Studio Cake -  everyone was flying high!