20 crafts for $20 - Part Three

Part 3 of my ongoing 20 Crafts for $20 Series

After 15 crafts, I must say I’m pretty impressed by the supplies I was able to accumulate in this kit.  Although the quality of some items may not be quite up to the standard of say a Crayola or Fiskar brand, they are serving me quite well.

I am still craving my glue gun. However, I have learned the value of patience and a well placed binder clip.  

This series of crafts relies very heavily on paper and the art of fan folding. This is one of those age old skills that all kids should master, along with scissor skills.

That being said, 5 more crafts made entirely from my $20.00 craft basket. 

White Paper

Watercolor kit (with paint brush)

Cup of water (for watercolors)

Glue stick

White glue

Small binder clips

Popsicle stick


Heart bead (if you don’t have heart beads, a tiny piece of construction paper)

Google eyes

Covered work surface

Take your piece of paper and have at it with the watercolor paints - play with mixing colors, making shapes, thinning the paints with more water, using tools other than the brush to apply color (like q-tips or sponges). Basically you want to cover your paper with color.  Let dry.

Fan fold the finished art.   With the art side facing up, fold approximately 1 inch of the paper onto itself.  Flip over, so the unpainted side faces up.  Repeat the fold technique (using first fold as your template for measurement).  Flip over to the art side and repeat.  You should end up with your paper folded like an accordion.

Fold the paper in half to find the center.  Lay a line of glue stick glue along the inside of the accordion folded paper. Fold the two halves together to seal into a fan (you may want to use your small binder clips to hold it together until it dries).


Glue a pom-pom, eyes and heart bead onto the end of a popsicle stick.  Place white glue on the center of the fan (where you joined the two halves) or place glue on the back of your popsicle stick. 

Place the popsicle stick with about 1/4 of the stick below the fan.  Let dry completely.    

1 piece of plain paper 

1 piece of colored construction paper


Glue stick (or white glue)

Clear tape

Pipe cleaner

Small binder clips

Covered work surface

Pom-pom (optional)


Fold the plain piece of paper in half lengthwise and cut along the seam to give you two pieces. 



Line up the cut pieces on either side of the colored construction paper.  Overlap each end by an inch and secure in place with glue stick to make one long piece of paper.   Flip the paper over and tape the back for extra strength.  


Fan fold the entire sheet from one plain end.



Pinch the fan together in the middle (you may want to fold it in half as in craft #11 to find the center).  Wrap a pipe cleaner around the center point and twist to secure.  The pipe cleaner should be facing up and away from the folds.


Round one end of the fan by trimming with your scissors (be careful as the scissors may not have much strength).  Repeat on other end.



As in craft 11, Step 3, place glue on one side, open and connect to opposite side (use a binder clip to hold until dry), flip over and use a piece of tape to secure the seam from the back.

Repeat step 6 on other side to make a circle.

Flip over and secure ends of pipe cleaner to make a hanging loop.

If you wish, embellish center of fan flower with a pom-pom.


2 pieces of plain paper (or colored if you prefer)

1 piece of colored construction paper (fold in half and cut down the center to make 2 pieces)


Glue stick 

Clear tape (optional)

white glue

Pipe cleaner

Small binder clips

4 popsicle sticks

Covered work surface 


Glue the two pieces of plain paper together at the ends to make one long piece of paper.  Make sure to overlap by 1 inch and tape on back, as in craft number 12 step 2.  Fold colored paper in half lengthwise to make 2 pieces.


Using lots of glue stick, glue the colored paper down the center of the plain paper.  Glue one piece then the next, overlapping in the center.  You may want to place a piece of tape over the center seam for extra strength.  Let dry.

Fan fold the paper.


Secure fan with pipe cleaner (just as in craft 12, step 4, however, once secured, cut off excess) and glue center sides together.  Use binder clips and tape as in craft 12.  

Using white glue, glue 1 popsicle stick on either side of fan.  Let dry.

Glue a second popsicle stick ? the way down the first popsicle stick, on either side, to make a handle.  Let dry.  Once dry you can open and close the fan to make a flower. 

Folded Flower glam|sophie-world.com  

Photo (should have a bit of extra space on top and bottom of photo)

6 popsicle sticks

White glue


White paper

Pen (optional)

6 pom poms

Google eyes


Covered work surface

Create a popsicle stick frame on your photo.  Make sure to leave a bit extra on both top and bottom for a 2nd stick.  Glue at connecting corners with white glue.


Glue on 2nd stick both top and bottom.


Measure out two small strips of paper.  Make sure at the lowest edge you can still see your subjects.

Fold paper in half, then half again, then half again (3 folds) to make a tiny “book”.  Repeat with second piece of paper.

Hold “book” at folded edge and draw a line from the edge to the outer side about ? of the way from the top.  Cut along that line with scissors.  Open up to reveal a row of teeth.  Repeat with second paper.

Glue teeth to inner popsicle sticks on top and bottom.

Lay a line of glue along the outer top popsicle stick and attach pom-poms.


Add google eyes to pom-poms.  Let dry.  

Once done trim photo to frame size and attach to back of monster frame with tape.


4 popsicle sticks

White glue

Small binder clips

Covered work surface

Clear tape (optional)


Place a drop of glue at the end of one popsicle stick.


Lay second stick on top of first to make a “V” - use binder clip to hold while drying.  Place one binder clip on each leg of the “V” and add a drop of glue above each clip.  Place a third stick

Perpendicular to the “V” sticks to make a little “L” (this will be the ledge for your art).  The clips will help to keep it upright while drying.  Let dry well.

Add glue to the backside of the pointy end of the “V”.  Use a fourth stick to help stand up the “V” in an easel shape.  You may want to use a cup or book to brace the stand while it’s drying.  (this is where a hot glue gun would really come in handy).  If you like you can place a piece of tape over the ends until the glue dries.


As I’m nearing the finish line of my challenge, I am struck by a couple of things…

1. I’m sure kids will come up with much more creative projects than me.

2. I can never seem to do anything simply. The thought of just stringing pony beads, drawing, or painting, is never enough.  I apologize for that.

3. It’s tricky to take pictures of action, like twisting a pipe cleaner or folding paper, especially by yourself.

4. There is definitely a skill needed when it comes to taking good step-by-step photos and writing clear, concise directions.  I stand in awe of all those who do this for a living (American Girl Magazine - I take my virtual hat off to you all).

5. I have gained a new respect for my sister Freda, who takes all the photos for our tutorials, and Irina, who writes the copy.  I’m so lucky to have them taking my videos and turning them into weekly DIY’s for our website.

As with every challenge I undertake, this one has certainly taught me a great deal!  Now I just need to digest it all and figure out how to make things better for the next round.  In the meantime, I’ll work on my last 5 projects, and try to simplify things