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An Amazing Duct Tape Christmas Tree

Sophie's sister Freda creates her own incredible duct tape christmas tree.

My sister Freda is one of the most creative people I know.  She regularly takes the smallest suggestion and turns it into a full blown work of art!  Take for example, her vision of this duct tape Christmas tree!  The original inspiration for this came from a tiny duct tape tree that I made on my YouTube channel.  As you will see, she has taken it so many levels beyond my simple design.

Now...I must warn you, although this is presented as a DIY it is extremely time consuming and costly - I look at this more as an “oooh, ahhh” craft, one of those you enjoy but don’t necessarily attempt to make.


3 Pool Noodles, or pipe insulating foam.  Pipe insulation is available at hardware stores. 

Note:  you can also find styrofoam rings in diminishing sizes to make the form, however, each one will need to be covered entirely in tape first

3 5-foot or longer pieces of ribbon, twine, or thin rope.  Whatever you use should be thin but strong.

5 4-inch pieces of pvc or dowel the same size as the hole in your pool noodle.  You may find that an old highlighter is the perfect size as well.  This will serve as the "connector plug” for the pool noodle

3 or more rolls of duct tape  


Insert one piece of pvc or dowel into the hole at the end of one of your noodles. 

Determine how large you want the bottom ring of your tree to be and cut your noodle to size. In this example, Freda is using a 3-foot noodle. 

Wrap your cut noodle around to meet the other end and connect it by inserting the pvc in the hole at the opposite end of the noodle. Wrap tape around this joint to ensure it stays together. Repeat this step, each time decreasing the ring size incrementally.  In her example, Freda used 5 full rings.

Base of Duct Tape Christmas Tree|sophie-world.com

Take a 4-inch piece of noodle and slice it in half from top to bottom (not side to side, like you would a bagel).  You should end up with two pieces that resemble the letter C.  Sandwich those two "C-shaped" cut pieces on either side of an 8-inch long piece of noodle.  You should have approxmately 2 inches above and below the cut pieces.  Secure both pieces to the 8 inch noodle with tape.  Insert this "plug" into the smallest (top) noodle ring.  Tape liberally with duct tape to secure the two pieces. If you are using styrofoam you can top your tree with a ball.         


Tie the end of one ribbon to the base of the largest noodle.  Repeat this with the other two ribbons so that the ribbons are connected at three equally spaced spots.

Connecting the pieces of Duct Tape Christmas Tree|sophie-world.com 

Place the next smallest noodle on top of the base (largest) noodle.  Pull the ribbons inside the rings. Pull the ribbons up over the noodle then feed the ends through each piece of original tying ribbon like in the photo.


Tie the ribbon with a single knot. Repeat with the other two ribbons. Repeat this entire process, moving up the tree as you add rings.  Always start with the ribbons inside the tree, take them over the top and under the previous knotted area, then back under and over the top of the next tree section.

When you reach the "plug" topper, line up the ribbons with the center of the plug.  Poke holes stright through the middle of the final ring. Feed the last bit of ribbon through each of these holes and tie a good, strong double knot. Your tree form is finished!


Now for the fun (and time consuming) part!  You need to make hundreds, and I mean hundreds of house points just like you have done with so many of our other duct tape projects.

For a bit of perspective, the amount of house points pictured covered one and a quarter times around the tree. 

Beginning at the base, cover the tree by and wrapping house points all the way around. Keep going, moving your way up and up the tree, overlapping and adding house points.



Freda used pins to add a bit of sparkle.  Pins are perfect to use with pool noodles or styrofoam. You could however add lights or whatever you like to jazz up the tree and finish it off. Freda topped hers with a Christmas colored rosette.   She simple taped a rosette to a wire and fed the wire down through the top of the tree.  The Rosette project will be included in our new book.  You could also use a Dollar Store Angel on top of your tree.

decorating the duct tape christmas tree|sophie-world.com

Freda confessed to me that this project took her an entire Toddlers and Tiaras marathon to create, but that she had an amazing time coming up with the engineering and the actual decorating.  For my part, I was simply floored by how this turned out.  I can’t think of anything more fabulous to grace the Christmas buffet.


 It certainly is a show stopper and conversation starter!