Creative Circus Comes to Town|

The Creative Circus Comes to Town

Creative Circus Comes to Town. The craft table is where sheer magic happens!

My company is known for its over the top craft tables.  Some say I offer too many options. They may be right. However, I’m a very firm believer in allowing kids to explore many different materials when creating.  I love to supply items that one normally wouldn’t find in a craft room or store.  I revel in seeing the inspiration children gather from these unusual materials.  

setting up

This past weekend I was doing an event where we had ample space and an open ended theme: Circus. This allowed me to design a table chock-full of materials that went way above and beyond the normal pipe cleaners and puff balls.

Now, I must admit, most folks stuck to the to the traditional craft projects we had designed: oversized sunglasses, silly clown hats, and the like.  But one little guest took his crafting to the next level, by creating his very own circus. He worked on it the entire party, all by himself.  I was so impressed I just had to share his ingenuity.

This amazing circus was brought to life directly from this young man’s imagination.  Sadly, I can’t show you the creator, because we didn’t have any release forms with us. However, I can tell you that he was so proud of his world.  I'm sure you can see why.

He created all of the essential characters:

a ringmaster

a lion

a juggler

a clown

a contortionist/acrobat lady

and of course - a strong man (check out the muscles!)

This is an aspect of my job that makes me not only happy, but proud, of what I do for a living. When I see this level of imagination and creativity I can’t help but beam!  

To my dear crafter, thank you for coming to my booth on Saturday.  You truly inspired the “greatest show on earth”.