Blog-Eggberts|They're bound to crack you up!|


These little egg based critters are sure to leave some laughter as you engage the whole group in some fun and simple Easter crafting.

A lot of people think of Easter and Christmas as holidays for children. But, that doesn’t mean we adults can’t have fun too!  

Scott and I have a dear friend who hosts a very grown up Easter brunch every year. She sets a beautiful table, cooks an amazing meal, and lets me provide the entertainment.  

Thus began the “Eggbert” tradition.

What, you may ask, is an eggbert?  Well it’s a little egg that has been decorated like a critter - be it human, animal, or otherworldly.  

Easter Brunch| Eggberts Decoration|

Every year I arrive a bit early with two dozen hard boiled eggs and a box of decorating supplies. I set up a table loaded down with pom poms, google eyes, yarn, lace, fabric, glitter, feathers, sharpie markers, an ample supply of glue dots, and 2 glue guns.  As guests are arriving they gather around the table to nibble, chat, and create.  Even my hubby, who does not readily engage in crafting, sidles up to the table eventually. By the time we all sit down to dine the mantle is festooned with lovable, egg-centric characters.

Easter Brunch| Personalized|

One year, we went so far as to have everyone create their own egg-ceptional seating card.  Each one bore the personality of it’s creator, but not necessarily their name.  Still, it was pretty easy to figure out who sat where.

Easter Brunch Place setting|

Over the years I’ve discovered it's not that adults don’t enjoy crafting, it’s just that they don’t ever seem to have the time or the materials at hand.  Given the opportunity and the means, most adults revel and flourish in their own creativity.

In today’s fast-paced, image driven world, it’s nice to slow down and focus on a simple shape, like an egg.  All you need is a pair of google eyes and it takes on a personality that’s bound to “crack” you up! 

Here is our tutorial for making Eggberts with plastic eggs

Easter Brunch| Eggberts Sophie|

Hmm ... wonder who this Eggbert belongs to?