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Funny Bunny Mason Jars

These cute and fuzzy little creatures have a little green surprise inside.

My sister Freda recently got married and in doing so inherited two adorable “nieces”.  They are actually first cousins once removed, or one of those family tree branches that no one can really remember, but they are so close it’s just easier to just call them “nieces”.  No matter the relation, Freda adores these two young girls and relishes the opportunity to play “Aunty” in fun ways.  She is always coming up with small creative gifts to send them during holidays and for special occasions.

Last Christmas she stumbled across this creative way to give cash as a gift. She has been dying to find a way to use it.  Well, this Easter she has figured it out.  Funny Bunny Mason Jars!  Any excuse to be spoil children...isn’t that what being an Aunt or Grandparent is all about?  And to be able to do it creatively makes it extra special.

Here’s Freda's step-by-step for creating your own Funny Bunny Hidden Compartment Candy Jar.

Mason Jar Funny Bunnies filled with colored candies|sophie-world.com

Fill with tasty small candies that match your funny bunny colors

Here’s hoping this cute little craft will delight and surprise the loved ones in your life.  Remember, you can make it thematic to match any holiday or event!

Mason Jar Funny Bunnie - Money shot|sophie-world.com