In a recent blog, I posted a link to a fun and creative idea, a DIY solar light.  It was a sweet, inexpensive idea for adding lights to a pathway.  So when my dear friend Hanna, who appears in many of our YouTube videos, was celebrating her Bat Mitzvah and wanted some sort of walkway lighting, I immediately turned to my own blog for enlightenment. 

During the process of creating the lights I realized that, given the supplies I had on hand in my warehouse, there was an easier way to make them.  I also realized that they would make a great Halloween decoration as well.  

The steps for making our version of the walkway light are simple: open the Mason Jar and tape or putty (we used quakehold putty) a LED or electric tea light to the lid.  Place ½ yard of colored tulle in the jar, turn on the light and screw on the lid...that’s all there is to it.  You can nix the tulle entirely for a dappled lighting effect - the light will reflects through the raised markings on the jar - or choose to place a light in the bottom and the top, for extra glow.  If you can’t find LED lights - a lightstick works just as well.

You can use wire around the neck of the mason jar and hang the lights from the trees.  Just take two pieces of wire about 18” inches long.  Sandwich the neck of the jar between the two piece of wire. Twist the wire on either side to lock in place.  Pull the extra wire up on either side and twist together to make a secure loop.  Hang from the loop.

Hanging Glowing Mason Jar|

Hang your glowing jars 

Photos by Nano Visser

You can use any colored tulle you like - which is what led to my idea of turning them into pumpkins for Halloween.    

Sophie making Halloween Mason Jar|

Craft time at the office

To make my pumpkin lights I printed up a bunch of funny faces on Avery removable full sheet labels.

Halloween Glowing Mason Jar DIY|

DIY steps for Glowing Pumpkin Jars 

I used the removable labels so that I could repurpose my jars after Halloween.  You could easily use construction paper and glue stick if you didn’t mind soaking and scrubbing after the holiday.  

Removable Labels and Mason Jars for Craft|

Some Spooky Face Templates for your Inspiration

I positioned the cut out faces on the jars, and lined them up on the walkway.  They made an awesome display.  

Halloween luminaries from

Light up your pathway  

Here’s hoping this will “enlighten” you and add a bit of glow to your next evening event.  

And speaking of enlightening, I want to extend a special thanks to our friend Nano Visser for regularly allowing us to use her beautiful photographs.