A Poop Party Plan

Inspired by a recent post in the Huffington Post, Sophie designs her dream Poop Party/

The other day my husband Scott sent me an article about a little girl who wanted a Poop Emoji party!

I had to smile. We’ve been doing potty parties for quite some time. Captain Underpants was one of my favorites. But we’ve never had the pleasure of doing an actual Poop Emoji party! And I love that little fella. Perhaps it’s just wishful thinking, but I thought it would be fun to put together some poop emoji party ideas in the hopes that someone will book one, and I can actually make it happen….hint, hint dear readers.

Although the ideas presented here in this blog are mine, sadly I have no imagery of my own. So, I will be gleaning my images from the web:


Use white streamers, white ribbon, or toilet paper to paper the house!  

Use mylar poop emoji balloons - or brown balloons with big eye stickers!

 As guests arrive you could do one of two things:

Give them a printed page with your basic poop shape and have them add eyes, mouth, hat, flowers, whatever they like to make their own stylin’ poop emoji. Hang these around the room to serve as decor.


Or design your own poop

Make up a few batches of our amazing play dough and give the kids googly eye, pipe cleaners, yarn, and other fun trims to make their own poop emoji.


Start by reading one of the famous poop books:

Everyone Poops 

The Story of the Little Mole Who went in Search of Whodunit



The cute little girl who inspired this blog played Pin the poop in the Potty, which is a very cute idea!  Here’s some other thoughts.

TP Truths - Here’s a great getting to know you/icebreaker game.

Toilet Paper Wrap Up - split groups into teams and give each team a roll of toilet paper and a roll of tape.  The object?  Be the first team to roll up one of the team members completely! 

Scoop the Poop Relay - If you can get cheap cat scoopers at the dollar store, go for it. If not, spoons will work.  Break kids into teams and give each team a scooper and a white bowl.  Scatter a bunch of poops in the playing field. You can use anything from marbles to cotton balls (if you are indoors) to represent the poops.  On “go” the first member takes the scooper, runs into the field and scoops a poop, then they run back, deposit the poop in their toidy, then hand off the scooper to the next person.  Remind them that they can only use the scooper,  not their hands, to scoop the poop, and only one scooper per team may be on the playing field at any given time.  Play continues until there are not poops left.  Have each team count their poops in their (toidy) bowl.  The team with the most poops is declared the king crappers! 

Poo Splat - Draw a big poop emoji in the center of the driveway with chalk.  Then have kids line up and take turns tossing water balloons at the poop emoji in hopes of “wiping” away the poop!

Farty Relay - give each team a whoopie cushion.  Place a chair for each team about 20 feet away.  On “go” the first person blows up their whoopie cushion (or takes the self inflating one) runs up to the chair and sits on the cushion.  Once it has “relieved” itself, they run back and tag the next player.  Play continues until everyone has gone.

Give kids a clear plastic bag and teach them the hand in bag, pooper scooper technique that all dog owners know well.  Give each kid a bucket or bag with their name on it.  Place everyone’s bucket on a centrally placed table.  On “go” have the kids race around the playing field hunting for pre-hidden poo goodies - wrapped baby ruth bars (check for peanut allergies first), chocolate kisses, toilet candy, poop emoji toys. Make sure they use the poop scoop technique for each item. They should run back with each item and place it in their bucket one at a time. This keeps things more active, and also slows down some of the bigger kids.  Always save out a few extras of everything for the shyer, slower players.

Poop emoji cupcakes seem to be in order for this one...like these from Good to Know UK