A Round-Up of Fall Decor, Crafts and Activities

A round up of some of our favorite decor, crafts and ideas from past celebrations.

It’s been unseasonably warm of late in San Francisco, thank you global warming. The past few days however, have hinted at the arrival of our West Coast Fall.  Being an East coaster at heart, this is the one time of the year when I start to pine for my Philadelphia days; leaves raining down from the skies, the crisp smell of moisture in the air, grey clouds above that hint at an early snowfall. That being said, I don’t miss the static filled "hat head" hair, the constantly dripping nose, or the un-thawable fingertips and toes.  

As I wax nostalgic about spending the Winter holidays on “right” coast I thought it would be fun to highlight some of the activities, decor, and crafts we’ve created for our celebrations out here.  


We often use nature's bounty to create centerpieces.  Take your largest pumpkin, place it in the center, and then add other elements such as indian corn, gourds, and smaller pumpkins, Don’t be afraid to layer or angle your pieces; you want it to have a natural feel.

Wrap leaves around glass containers, secure in place with glue dots and tie with raffia. Place votives or electric candles inside for a pretty glow. Of course, be sure that the leaves and raffia are safely protected from any flame.

I featured these and a number of other natural decor ideas in a blog a few years ago.

A Treat-Filled Mayflower Seating Card

Handmade Name Cards

Recycled Paper Napkin Ring

Duct Tape Turkey Bag

Thankful Turkey

Marshmallow Turkey

Simple Thanksgiving Paper Crafts

Fall Carnival Games

Turkey Trot

Here’s hoping you get to spend some time with your loved ones this holiday enjoying the ever important aspects of the season - friendship, family, and fun!